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Facilitating Investments into India and Indian Investments abroad by adhering to legal compliances

Globalisation of industry has resulted in several foreign companies coming to India and several Indian companies setting up shop in foreign shores. Both of these movements involves financial inflows and outflows in the form of foreign exchange.

The Reserve Bank of India has also allowed FDI in almost all the sectors under automatic route except some sectors where prior approval is required. On the other hand while Indian businessmen seek foreign pastures to conduct their business, there is also a flow of foreign exchange out of India as of Indian entities invest in foreign markets.

Both FDI and Indian investments abroad require approvals from the RBI and need to adhere to acts like Foreign Exchange Management Act. We have a specialised team that has gained great expertise and experience in handling FEMA and RBI regulations related to foreign exchange inflows and outflows.

FEMA and RBI related services includes:
  • Formation of Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India or abroad
  • Obtaining approvals for investments by Foreign Nationals/Entities in India
  • Handling GDR issue of Client Company and listing of GDR at overseas Stock Exchanges
  • reparing and Filing of necessary documents and/or forms with RBI for inflow and outflow of funds
  • Obtaining any such approvals from Reserve Bank of India for Foreign Companies and Indian Companies
  • Preparing project reports and obtaining approvals from the Reserve Bank of India for setting up Branch Office/Liaison Office, Project Office
  • Preparing and Drafting Joint Venture Agreements, Collaboration Agreements and obtaining approvals of Reserve Bank of India for Financial/Technical collaboration of Foreign Company with an Indian Company


Company ROC Compliance

We have expertise in offering Annual ROC Compliance to our clients as per their requirements.

LLP Registration

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